Good Karma Music Stories

  • Post Title (2/2/2022) by sam_印峰 liu_刘 from 中国


  • volunteering in temple (1/26/2022) by Miaoyin from Melbourne, Australia

    I have been taking my kids to a local Buddhist Temple to do some volunteer work when time is allowed on weekends. The kids are enjoying the friendly atmosphere and the people in the Temple are very kind and helpful.

    I hope by doing this can enlighten myself and my kids to learn more about the meaning of Buddism and share love and kindness with others.

  • Fund for the indigenous school (1/24/2022) by Sunol Banjo from Hsinchu, Taiwan

    The indigenous charter school in HualianTaiwan just built their first class room. After fund raising they are still short of the needed fund to pay for the construction cost. Upon hearing the situation, I sent the some fund to close part of the gap.

  • No E-cigarettes (11/3/2021) by Monica from Santa Clara

    I stopped a Facebook market seller from selling E-cigarettes by explaining how bad the vaping causes the body. I didn’t know the seller, and I was ready to accept scolding from the seller. Luckily the seller accepted not to sell and thank me for explaining.

  • Regular donation to build temple (6/4/2021) by Yee Kuan from Singapore

    I have been donating some amount every month to a temple who burnt down by a fire last year, to help with the renovation cost.

  • It feels good to give. (5/27/2021) by from Bridgewater, USA

    During the snowstorm in February, we had about two feet snow over one night. We have a powerful snow blower and it only took us 40 minutes to clean our driveway. After we were done, we let three neighbors use our snow blower to clean their driveway. It feels good to help someone.

  • I dana here and there (5/27/2021) by Menghis Khan from Santa Cruz, CA, USA

    I just gave away some significant percentage of my annual income, as I do on every Vesak Day.