Good Karma Music Stories

  • Post Title (10/21/2022) by FJS from Ukiah, CA

    I saw a spider crossing in front of my desk. First I calm down. Then, I approached the spider gently with a container. Then I took the spider out in the container and set it free.

  • Post Title (10/15/2022) by Sue A from San Diego

    I listened more than I spoke in a meeting today because the person really needed to talk. I practiced kindness while listening and not evaluating them.

  • Post Title (10/5/2022) by Gong Zhang from 大连 中国


  • Post Title (10/5/2022) by Lily Huang from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

    This year, my sister was assigned a new bus stop, a patch of grass behind a curb. When it rained, her and other students sank into the grass and mud. To get there, the students and parents had to cross two streets and parking was difficult.

    My mom asked the bus driver if she could switch back to the former bus stop, a small park close by with sufficient parking. The bus driver refused, stating that the parents should “call the school” to have it formally assigned. After hearing my mom’s repeated frustration, I filled out the high school’s form for transportation issues multiple days in a row. I spent my afternoon looking up the respective phone numbers of each school: two elementary schools, a middle, and a high school. I wrote them down along with the bus number, former bus stop address, proposed new bus stop address, and the reasoning of why this stop needed to change. The next morning, my mom took the paper to the bus stop and let the parents take photos of it. The parents called their child’s respective school, and within a week, the stop was changed to the convenient and safe park. I was relieved and proud at the success of our communal effort.

  • Post Title (9/21/2022) by Christopher Moreno from Bainbridge Island

    I offered blessings of metta and Karuna to my friends family who recently lost their father.

  • Post Title (9/18/2022) by Peter Ma from FAYETTEVILLE, Arkansas

    I once found a frog underneath my car near the wheel on a rainy day, so I let it be aside before driving the car, and it didn’t get hurt. After that, I would normally check the place near the wheels before driving, when I park for a long time, just to make sure there were no insects or animals under the car. By doing so, many insects have been saved since then. I feel this is a way to help me enhance my compassion, and it doesn’t bring much inconvenience to me.

  • Post Title (9/6/2022) by lr from 中国山东临沂沂水