Good Karma Music Stories

  • Post Title (7/12/2023) by Grzegorz Ostapiuk from UK

    I try to be accepting of anyone how wants to spend time with me no mater who there are or what there did. Just being compassionate and truthful to them.

  • Post Title (6/29/2023) by Upasaka Adhicitta from Lethbridge, Canada

    Today I have learned to chant (and to play the music of) the Medicine Buddha Mantra from Master Heng Sure’s Avatamsaka Sutra lectures.
    Then i heard Rev Heng Sure’s rendition of She Carries Me, a song by Jennifer Berezan, and i was very moved by the connection with Bodhisattva Gwan Yin.
    Then I shared the song with a friend and his partner who i believe might benefit a lot from it.
    May all beings be well.

  • Post Title (6/23/2023) by screen name = MG from Petoskey USA

    I listened to a friend who trusts me to confide in.

  • Post Title (6/9/2023) by Mei from Taiwan

    Our house has quite the number of mosquitoes that come out in the evening. My friends and I kept getting bit, so we brainstormed how to remove them from the house in a way that would not harm them. After we saw mosquitoes fly out of our pot of steamed corn we left on the table, we realized that mosquitoes liked the taste of steamed corn, which we ate for lunch every day. Afterwards, we put our finished corn cobs into a deep bowl for the mosquitoes and placed this bowl on a chair by the door. Several times in the evening, I would quickly cap the bowl with a pot lid and take them outside and release them, watching dozens of them fly away into the night.

  • Post Title (6/4/2023) by Qin Kai Ren Hai from Ohio, US

    The good deeds Heng Sure did, I appreciate. My son is 9 and a half year old, he likes to listen Heng Sure’s talk, he listened to “three steps, one bow” many times, recently he listens to Heng Sure’s reading Sixth Patriarch again and again, Whatever Heng Sure’s talk he likes to listen.

  • Post Title (5/29/2023) by Phil Hodgson from Aurora, Canada

    I fell off my bike. I cut my arms and hands and hip. I was a mess of blood and gravel. One kind person poured water on my wounds, another helped me to get home. I was humbled and inspired by their heartfelt generosity of spirit. At the local hospital I was patient, grateful and of good humour due to these two saints. When I sat by a tired mum with an injured child, I passed on the kindness by listening and caring and being attentive. Passing on the blessing.

  • Post Title (5/28/2023) by QinJie from Seattle

    I joined the 3000 Buddhs repentance at Gold Summit Sagely Monastery this Saturday. At the beginning of the 5th incense, dharma masters led the chanting with such a compassionate and beautiful tune, that I felt like I was living the moment when Buddha was born and took his first steps at Lumbini. The tune also reminds me of the music made for a poem,《送别》, written by Shutong Li (DM Hong Yi ).