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What is Good Karma Music?

Good Karma Music is a way for you to own our Dharma music albums in three easy steps 

  1. Do a good deed
  2. Share it with us below 
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Inspire others with goodness while collecting all of our albums. Every good deed counts, no matter how small! All the Good Karma Music stories are posted below, so when you fill out the form, please confirm that the story can be shared. Entering your name and email is completely optional.

Note: Our albums are also available on iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, KKBOX, and other platforms. The proceeds will be donated toward a good cause.

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Latest Good Karma Music stories

  • No E-cigarettes (11/3/2021) by from Santa Clara

    I stopped a Facebook market seller from selling E-cigarettes by explaining how bad the vaping causes the body. I didn’t know the seller, and I was ready to accept scolding from the seller. Luckily the seller accepted not to sell and thank me for explaining.

  • Regular donation to build temple (6/4/2021) by from Singapore

    I have been donating some amount every month to a temple who burnt down by a fire last year, to help with the renovation cost.

  • It feels good to give. (5/27/2021) by from Bridgewater, USA

    During the snowstorm in February, we had about two feet snow over one night. We have a powerful snow blower and it only took us 40 minutes to clean our driveway. After we were done, we let three neighbors use our snow blower to clean their driveway. It feels good to help someone.

  • I dana here and there (5/27/2021) by from Santa Cruz, CA, USA

    I just gave away some significant percentage of my annual income, as I do on every Vesak Day.

  • Helping with household chores (5/27/2021) by from Milpitas, CA


  • Animal Liberation (5/26/2021) by from Penang, Malaysia

    I had the opportunity to participate in animal liberation this year (before lockdown) and it was amazing, as I have never done it in my hometown before. Freeing the animals and reciting prayers so they may achieve precious rebirth and enlightenment in next life is simply wonderful, made me feel that animals are not meant for human consumption, as they deserve to be alive as well. It also motivated me to do other good deeds such as food donations for the poor and oxygen tanks funding for India, so knowing that every little bit of good deed may help others along the way. I’m grateful to discover the Dharma way.

  • Vesak 2021 (5/26/2021) by from Singapore

    This morning, i attended a virtual wesak celebration organised by a team of amazing Singapore Buddhist organizations. I also participated in “The Great Metta Sit” campaign to donate money to important Ngos with each minutes translate to a dollar. At the end of the session, i dedicated all the merits of my metta meditation and by attending to the event to all my loved ones and to the world.