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What is Good Karma Music?

Good Karma Music is a way for you to own our Dharma music albums in three easy steps 

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Inspire others with goodness while collecting all of our albums. Every good deed counts, no matter how small! All the Good Karma Music stories are posted below, so when you fill out the form, please confirm that the story can be shared. Entering your name and email is completely optional.

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Latest Good Karma Music stories

  • Post Title (6/4/2023) by Qin Kai Ren Hai from Ohio, US

    The good deeds Heng Sure did, I appreciate. My son is 9 and a half year old, he likes to listen Heng Sure’s talk, he listened to “three steps, one bow” many times, recently he listens to Heng Sure’s reading Sixth Patriarch again and again, Whatever Heng Sure’s talk he likes to listen.

  • Post Title (5/29/2023) by Phil Hodgson from Aurora, Canada

    I fell off my bike. I cut my arms and hands and hip. I was a mess of blood and gravel. One kind person poured water on my wounds, another helped me to get home. I was humbled and inspired by their heartfelt generosity of spirit. At the local hospital I was patient, grateful and of good humour due to these two saints. When I sat by a tired mum with an injured child, I passed on the kindness by listening and caring and being attentive. Passing on the blessing.

  • Post Title (5/28/2023) by QinJie from Seattle

    I joined the 3000 Buddhs repentance at Gold Summit Sagely Monastery this Saturday. At the beginning of the 5th incense, dharma masters led the chanting with such a compassionate and beautiful tune, that I felt like I was living the moment when Buddha was born and took his first steps at Lumbini. The tune also reminds me of the music made for a poem,《送别》, written by Shutong Li (DM Hong Yi ).

  • Post Title (5/19/2023) by Nuts from Kedah, Malaysia

    Amitabha, to whoever saw this post. I know this Good Karma Music from YouTube weekly Rev. Heng Sure lecture. I have extreme low esteem, mild depression in my daily life and anxiety in study. It has been a daily routine for me to listen to Rev Heng Sure lecture everyday. I will repeat listening to the lecture everyday. I didn’t get all the knowledge in his teaching, but I found his voice and true energy can calm my mind and heart. I m sorry if I didn’t seems respectful if I listening to his lecture while studying. I supposed that I am doing a good deed if I learn to control my act and mind properly, and helps to increase the number of views of Rev. Heng Sure lecture, so that the proper dharma can be spread better in this society. Lastly, I would like to say sorry for my broken English and Thank you for your time reading to this message.

  • Post Title (5/14/2023) by Hoshin from Brazil

    Now and then, mom, who is 95, has to be rushed to the emergency room. Before I was just overwhelmed by her and people’s suffering there. Now, I recite Guan Yin’s, Amitabha’s names, the “Oh, Tell me your Trouble” song, and some verses of the Song of Awakening wishing some relief to them.

  • Post Title (5/13/2023) by Sunil Kr from in Saranth

    Human life pathness is good useful for our unique love to see with destiny service Home made from cultivate mind of poor family.

  • Post Title (5/12/2023) by trovatore from Hsinchu, Taiwan

    A friend, also someone I admired, started an immersive indigenous language school in Hualian, Taiwan a few years ago hoping to save the endangered language and culture. Started from nothing, the school were able to build a classroom last year. This year, they are raising money to publish all-indigenous language text books. Many friends around me are very well off. I thought if I can get some of them to help, it will be a big boast for the schools’ funding. I set out to write a Facebook post. Thought it would only took 5 minutes to write, turns out it took me over an hour to get the post right. I shared the post with lots of hope. Two days later I received twenty six likes from my friends. However, looking at the number of sponsors on the fund raising page, I think none of my friend donated since the number didn’t change. It’s unfortunate, but I’m still glad I tried