Good Karma Music

What is Good Karma Music?

Good Karma Music is a way for you to own our Dharma music albums in three easy steps 

  1. Do a good deed
  2. Share it with us below 
  3. Receive a complete mp3 album of your choice and its booklet of lyrics and stories

Inspire others with goodness while collecting all of our albums. Every good deed counts, no matter how small! All the Good Karma Music stories are posted below, so when you fill out the form, please confirm that the story can be shared. Entering your name and email is completely optional.

Note: Our albums are also available on iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, KKBOX, and other platforms. The proceeds will be donated toward a good cause.

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Latest Good Karma Music stories

  • Post Title (7/29/2022) by Banjo Player from Fremont, USA

    Coming to DRBU for the sutra translation seminar, gave a participant a ride from Berkeley to DRBU, Ukiah

  • Post Title (7/29/2022) by Ge Chen from austrlia

    I recite great compassion mantra everyday 🙂 and help people with acupuncture

  • Post Title (7/29/2022) by Ge Chen from austrlia

    I recite great compassion mantra everyday 🙂 and help people with acupuncture

  • Post Title (7/18/2022) by Issaro Bhikkhu from Fonte Boa dos Nabos, Ericeira, Portugal

    My second good deed on the is… 🙂
    I collected some a few nice memories from my stay in Portuguese Theravada monastery which I’m planning to share with my teacher Ajahn Amaro and my dear Dharma brother Jin Wei Shr and a few other remarkable beings and friends. It’s really touching to see this happening here where I can share I tiny good deed that can possibly inspire others—mine is about sharing the Dhamma/Dharma through artistic expression of video and I do often add a little bit of music there 🙂

    My aunt is a Christian, Benedictine nun , she lives in Reading PA. I always try to share with her all the good news from the dialogue between Christian and Buddhist, i. e. just recently a group of Theravada monks from Thai Forest Tradition, including Ajahn Jayasaro, visited the Pope in Vatican. She’d be delighted to here these songs. Thank you. Bows in respect.

  • Post Title (7/12/2022) by nhj from hangzhou

    I listen darmar.

  • Post Title (7/5/2022) by Jin Chuan from BRF, Oregon

    Cleaning up the half can!

  • Post Title (5/21/2022) by Chris Garrison from Salina, USA

    Allowed someone to stay with me in my home that was homeless or near homeless.