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What is Good Karma Music?

Good Karma Music is a way for you to own our Dharma music albums in three easy steps 

  1. Do a good deed
  2. Share it with us below 
  3. Receive a complete mp3 album of your choice and its booklet of lyrics and stories

Inspire others with goodness while collecting all of our albums. Every good deed counts, no matter how small! All the Good Karma Music stories are posted below, so when you fill out the form, please confirm that the story can be shared. Entering your name and email is completely optional.

Note: Our albums are also available on iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, KKBOX, and other platforms. The proceeds will be donated toward a good cause.

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Latest Good Karma Music stories

  • Gave my Backpack to a Homeless man (4/10/2021) by Adam Moes from Chico Ca USA

    There was a grubby man who was living on the streets of Chico
    he carried all his camping stuff on his body and in loose bags.

    I had a camping backpack and I gave it to him so he could live more comfortably.

  • Shit on a stick (4/8/2021) by James from Wales

    Thank you for your dharma and music it has brought me great joy. When asked what is Buddha an enlightened master answers A piece of shit on a stick, or that’s how I remember it, that shocked me at the time and I still think about it. Seeing my community Facebook group complaining about dog poo being left all over the estate, instead of adding to the outrage, I went around with a large bag and picked up as many as I could. They were very grateful.

  • Donate $2 at Rona for Children hospital (4/7/2021) by Howard Hao from Golden, BC

    Dear all,
    I just donated $2 when shopping today without the cashier’s asking. I wish this is good karma. Can’t wait to receive the album.

  • Cheng (4/6/2021) by Thomas from London

    I am a master student. These days there are quite a lot of homeless people around my residential area. One day when I was grabbing my breakfast in a local cafe, there was a man outside of the shop, around 30 to 40 years old, begging for food.

    At first, I ignored the person, but later I realised that a breakfast probably meant more for him than for me. So, I gave up my breakfast, and invited him to pick a sandwich at his own choice.

    He had a nice pair of shoes, but he hasnt shaved his beard for a few days, and his clothes were dirty. Out of curiosity, I asked why he became homeless, and he said, ‘My wife threw me out.’ While I didnt go further questioning, it was clear to me that the lockdown has certainly done something to this family. And then, he requested a hot drink, which I refused, because I didnt intend to get myself a hot drink in the first place.

    Before we departed, I told him that everything will be fine. Perhaps things will not be fine for him for a while; I just wanted to spread to him a positive attitude. Next day, when I walked past the cafe, he was no longer around. Whatever happened to him next, I wish him all the best.

  • Donation to the needed (4/4/2021) by Jun Yong Tio from Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

    I am a Mall worker in Malaysia, one day when I when down to the mall lower Ground 1 floor, I saw a retired man who was wearing an torn pair of pants. So I ask him if he was eat his dinner. The poor man replied he have not eaten. I then gave him so money for him to buy some food for dinner and he say thanks for the gesture. After the Lunar new year 2 weeks later, I saw then same man again sitting out side the toilet at the same Mall where I work. So I gave him some more money so he can have a Happy Lunar New Year. He was happy.

  • 去年的好事 (4/4/2021) by 李親恩 from 高雄, 台灣


  • 南无阿弥陀佛 (3/26/2021) by 刘家海 from 中国苏州