Good Karma Music Stories

  • Post Title (2/1/2024) by Dan Lo from Richmond, Canada

    Help a friend who doesn’t know much about computer redeem online credit card point for gift cards.

  • Post Title (11/25/2023) by Zhuxuan, Ma from FAYETTEVILLE, Arkansas

    When I first entering PhD, I lost the social life that I got used to, and I even felt that it was a waste of the “precious” work time if I went out just for social. After for a while, insulation and pressure came to me. When looking at the homeless on the street, I could even feel their pain. Then, I decided to buy some food for them whenever I am free or stressful. Eventually, this purchasing action became the volunteer work in a food distribution organization. I felt a sense of contribution and belonging. Now I can handle my stress easily and have better skill of helping homeless. I also bring my colleagues to do volunteer works such that they can feel the joy of helping others. Although the purpose of helping others should only be helping others itself, it truly brings goodness to the people who help others. One ultimate example is “by helping others become Buddha, ourselves can be Buddha”. Amitofo

  • Post Title (11/12/2023) by Aku from China

    Irecite Lengyan Mantra.

  • Post Title (11/6/2023) by Thomas Meier from Los Angeles

    I’m visiting my parents and trying to help them manage their healthcare. The system unfortunately is hard to manage.

  • Post Title (11/6/2023) by Thomas Meier from Los Angeles, CA

    I served my good knowing advisor for over 12 years!

  • Post Title (10/17/2023) by 亲开忍海 from ohio, US

    This boy is 10 year-old, he lives in Ohio, US, but he does not go to a normal school who teach basic reading. School teachers not helpful, it seems like Amercian so used to to blame children when they do not have patience and responsible to teach.
    The boy is very angry if his mother check out book from library , he refused to read ang English word.
    I just found a tutor is willing to have a try to help this little boy learn reading. He likes master Heng Sure’s song, he likes to listen to his talk Saturday night’s lecture from 10:35-12pm he can listen all the way. He likes Master Hua’s biography, and books of restraining from killing. These are not common people like or interested. I would need to print these for him to practice with the tutor as material to use, because he does not like books from library.

  • Post Title (10/15/2023) by 利民张 from 中国邯郸