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  • Post Title (4/16/2022) by Bertie from Westlake

    I practiced Metta meditation before rising for the day and my full bladder held! I meditated with a guided meditation for 20 minutes and learned to appreciate myself and the things that make life comfortable. I attended weekly group meditation, though this week there was only two. We meditated for 30 minutes! We shared some teachings we had read, and news of member of our group that has passed! We did this as we sat in a forest park with the sun shining into our being as it drifted between branches of high pine and fir!

  • Post Title (3/29/2022) by Shan from bahia blanca

    I write daily in different forums, always trying to contribute and guide whoever needs it.

  • Post Title (3/29/2022) by Raghav, Goswami from Guwahati, India

    As i write this I feel self-conscious and boastful. Nevertheless, I would like to listen to the music so-
    I had an altercation with a dear friend recently (day before yesterday) and it was something inevitable; I believe now that it had to happen how it happened and my actions were what they were. It got into a pretty public spectacle, however we ended the night by my friend, his sister and I eating dinner (fish) together at my grandmother’s place.
    The reason why I know this is a good deed is what I did yesterday. I got up in the morning and as soon as the thought popped in my mind I sent across a text apologizing. This soon turned into the two of us taking a walk, a long one and my good deed- I listened. For the better part of 2 hours I listened to all of the insecurities, all of the fears, all of the concerns that haunt my dear one. All I did was when he said “I know that these words are meaningless and any apology is only an effrontery to how I truly feel inside.” I simply asked him if he would give me a hug. So there we are 9 AM on a Monday hugging each other in the middle of the busiest section of our locality (it’s where all the corporate offices are). The rest of the walk, I simply listened, and whenever it felt right I tried to bring a smile to his face.
    I am glad that I did whatever I did. I am glad I made a mistake. I am so glad that I am human, and that my ability to hurt others is clearly evident to me. I am gladder still that love persists regardless of how human we become, or how human we fail to be.

  • Post Title (2/27/2022) by make bodhi resolve from las Vegas u.s.a

    Last year, I lived in a tent. This year I live in a car. Although I have little to live on, I donate things I dont use at the moment. It’s become a natural response to practice generosity. I dont have things to give now since I myself am living on bare minimum. I play Buddhist music while living in my car in the bitter cold mountains along side with others whom for whatever reason has had to do same. I wish I knew how other ways to give generosity now that iam in a position where I have no physical commodity?

  • Post Title (2/27/2022) by Sien from Rawang, selangor, Malaysia

    i shared youtube videos on chanting for father, mother and children with my brother and sister-in-law so as to let them get better understanding about chanting and its benefit for others as well as for themselves

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