Good Karma Music Stories

  • Help prepare food for the monks (11/22/2020) by Lily from Fremont, CA

    I helped to cook food for the monks in a temple close by .

  • Paramita (11/22/2020) by Lananh from San Jose, USA

    I help a person relieve part of her pain today.

  • Paramita (11/22/2020) by yuchiengoh from Singapore

    I have help delivery man with shampoo.

  • Covid neighbourliness (11/22/2020) by Bernie & Xing Fei from Sydney Australia

    (from Bernie): Following a hip operation, late July, I have been doing daily walking exercise round the back yard initially, and then up and down my street to add gradient. Since Covid, I’ve been making more effort to chat to neighbors – at the 1.5metre distance of course – especially the elderly who may be living more isolated lives. That’s been fun – meeting people I’ve only seen from afar before.
    Recently, we had Council kerbside collection, where you can put out large items of furniture etc. that you want to give away. As I was walking the street, I saw one of the elderly neighbors dragging a tall cupboard up the pathway by the side of her house. I couldn’t walk past and not help, so called out and offered a hand. She was happy to accept and together we managed to put the cupboard safely on the verge for collection. Chatting afterwards she told me how she still kept so fit at 83 years’ old. I’d hope I could do as well as that age! I came away with a smile on my face: spontaneously helping others always makes me feel good too.

    (from Xing Fei): I’ve noticed my neighbor George has been becoming more frail, even though he still loves to keep his garden neat and tidy. I’ve been thinking of offering to help before, but he’s usually replied ‘I can do it, slowly, slowly.’
    Last week, when I was weeding my front garden, I noticed George was out weeding and putting down pebble-mulch in his flower beds too. So, I plucked up the courage and offered to help again. This time he accepted happily. He told me what to do, where to get the bucket and pebbles. I also did some weeding to speed up his work with the pebbles. I felt good to be able to help him a little.

  • Insects Drowning (11/22/2020) by Maya from Las Vegas, U.S.A.

    On one hot day, I was lounging in a swimming pool. I saw a big brown bug with wings about 1.5 inches long drowning. I have great big fears for fat flying bugs, but without hesitation I lunged for it and lifted the big brown bug onto my index finger. The big brown bug had BIG brown eyes staring at me. I stared at it. I was horrified, but at the same time I felt pity for the poor thing. So, I let it dry on my index finger. It sat there for 2 hours without moving, just staring at me with it’s huge BIG eyes. Then, a person came into the area and the big brown bug with the BIG brown eyes flew away.

    That’s when it all started, this saving insects and spiders from swimming pools and other bodies of water. Its been a habit of mine now, to seek out living creatures that may be drowning and taking them to safety.

  • Engineer (11/22/2020) by cytan from Malaysian


  • Sanitize the laundry room in the apartment (11/22/2020) by Sheh from Albany CA USA

    Every week I sanitize the laundry room machines and door nubs, clean up the floor, and dump the trash in our apartment complex.