Good Karma Music Stories

  • Post Title (11/2/2022) by A & P from Ukiah, CA

    We helped set up the chairs, tents and banner for Celebrating Elder’s Day last weekend.

    Some of us volunteers also installed 480 plants over the weekend as well as a part of CTTB’s new retention pond/sewage system. Only 3500 plants left to go!

    Very hard work, but worth every bead of sweat! 🙂

  • Post Title (11/2/2022) by Mike Tiger from San jose

    I assisted my sister translation

  • Post Title (10/30/2022) by Miao Yin from Kuching, Malaysia

    Today, my mother and I helped the Buddhist temple washed some dishes, which were piling up. My mother was happy that we helped.

    It’s just a normal deed. I like the songs in Dharma Radio. So I’m just posting it to download the songs. Thanks.

  • Post Title (10/28/2022) by Cary tao from Shanghai China

    My family lives in the five floor of a six-storey building.There are many old mans living in it. One day I found that the lights in the three and five floor had been wrong. These two lights are in the public corridor. It is dangerous for the elderly to go downstars on the evening. So I asked my parents for a help and replaced them at once . After solving this problem,I am very glad to see these lights are shining at night .It’s useful for the old man in case of any unexpected accident. Menwhiile I hope these lights will illuminate the wisdom of native inhabitants in their heart. They will have access to the Buddha dharma in the future. Amitabha!

  • Post Title (10/27/2022) by Lily Zhang from San Jose, CA, USA

    I saw a dead squirrel in the lawn near the walking path yesterday, and transferred the merits of my evening chanting of Buddha name to him. May All be reborn in Amitabha’s Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss!

  • Post Title (10/21/2022) by Greg/Nitay from Durham, United Kingdom

    I let person how lost he’s bankcard and phone use computer to disable and erase them using local computer. I also try to regularly save money for and donate to others for the sake of preserving Dharma.

  • Post Title (10/21/2022) by Qin Yen from Talmage, CA

    I woke up early at 6:45 to help with community testing