Good Karma Music Stories

  • Post Title (6/16/2024) by Jasky SOR from Area de Servei del Valles, Spain

    Simply being at a rest area in Spain for over 30 hours and sitting and bowing for inner peace and world peace in order to find the strength and energy to forgive those in whom I had trusted but who had been dishonest and harmful. #HealingThanksToDharma #PatienceParamita

  • Post Title (6/16/2024) by Anna Duong from Gray GA

    The good deed I did was for myself. Four years ago, I was lost. As a lifelong Catholic, my faith had always been my anchor, but I found myself drifting and searching for deeper meaning and peace. That’s when I was introduced to Buddhism. I’m so blessed to have inherited both religious traditions from my mom (Buddhism) and dad (Catholic) It has changed me completely to be a better version of myself.

  • Post Title (5/27/2024) by 田壮壮 from 中国河南许冐


  • Post Title (5/17/2024) by Pierre SRONG from Amboise, FRANCE

    This year I fell in love with a city, Marsilla. Then a girl, youth F. In 90 days I have traveled with her to Altea 🇪🇸, Nice 🇫🇷, Roma, Naples and Sorrento 🇮🇹 and thanks to her I have renewed 10 vows in front of the Virgin Maria of the Trevi Fountain. Her deafening silence after I have shared my fifth vow became a blessing: she has helped me to learn to transform the anger and hatred into positive energy • to transform passion into Love with a capital L
    Today I will be back in Marsilla. I really would like to see her for a last time. However, for her sake and security, I will definitely let her go. Because the path that I will choose for others will be too risky and dangerous.

    To fulfill my tenth vow ( I just want to thank her and offer her those two songs


    To Dharma Masters and all my friends and people who offer me my 30th birthday video: I am discovering day by day the real meaning behind your wise words. I will try my best to honor your words.
    Thank you 🙇🏻‍♂️🙇🏻‍♂️🙇🏻‍♂️

    Pierre SRONG (my new official identity)

  • Post Title (5/16/2024) by tüv from Hannover, Germany

    Adopted a stray

  • Post Title (5/16/2024) by 333 from anonymous

    I am trying to respond with wisdom to a colleague who is slandering me.

  • Post Title (5/14/2024) by 彭謙至 from 台灣、桃園市桃園區