Good Karma Music Stories

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    My family and I recently donated clothes, supplies, and toys to a donation center. Instead of throwing away items that are still usable, we wanted to donate those items so that they can be reused by someone else instead, while reducing waste that ends up in landfills.

  • Post Title (8/26/2023) by anonymous from San Jose

    On highway CA-9 to Redwood Vihara I saw a Blue Jay right on the median. Its head was straight on the ground, neck was twisted, and it tried to fly but couldn’t. I immediately stopped, got out of my car, picked up the bird, brought it back to my vehicle, and recited Na Mo Guan Shi Yin Pu Sa. When we arrived to the monastery, it seemed okay so I took it to the Buddha Hall and we bowed together. After I left it in a box to rest and put on Amituofo recitation. A few hours later, I opened the box and it flew away. I named it Blue Sky.

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    I noticed the birds had so little to eat and no fresh, clean water to drink. Looking into my circumstance living a house-less lifestyle with little money to survive. I thought, ‘I have built a relationship with these birds. They are counting on me.’ I decided to get on my bicycle and ride down the hill into town to buy bird seeds. I bought 40 lbs of wild bird seeds. I loaded my bicycle and head back up the hill. Normally, the ride up without a load is arduously difficult with its steep climb but not today with a 40 lbs load on back. I didn’t feel any weight riding up. As a matter of fact, it was so easy as if I was just riding a flat road. I realized, when I forget my own needs and with good intention to benefit other’s, I don’t have to worry. It sure would be nice if each household could help out feeding the birds then it would lessen the load for those that do.

  • Post Title (7/12/2023) by Grzegorz Ostapiuk from UK

    I try to be accepting of anyone how wants to spend time with me no mater who there are or what there did. Just being compassionate and truthful to them.