Good Karma Music Stories

  • Post Title (7/5/2022) by Jin Chuan from BRF, Oregon

    Cleaning up the half can!

  • Post Title (5/21/2022) by Chris Garrison from Salina, USA

    Allowed someone to stay with me in my home that was homeless or near homeless.

  • Post Title (5/19/2022) by Nhan nguyen from Ho chi minh vietnam

    I dont eat animal, and try to be mindfulness every second

  • Post Title (5/14/2022) by robert tsang from Corona

    my selection is Paramita music

  • Post Title (5/14/2022) by robert tsang from 873 Oso Drive,Corona, CA 92879

    Last SeptemberI established an eternal plague at Calgary Monastory for my elder brother who passed away earler that year.
    My parents have plagues at TTBM since 2002 and earlier. Unfortunately the situation changed and it is no longer available there. With the referral to Gold Wheel then to Calgary it was done.
    I also proposed a suggestion to renovate current system to a virtual one to open to everone. I hope you will support it also:

    法界佛教總會萬佛城有寬廣之腹地乃普澤法雨之吉祥寶地,設有長生,永生之牌位以利益眾生,誠屬可貴。近日得悉2014年起已不再接受新的申請誠屬可惜。其他道場也因種種原因限制無法滿足廣大群眾的需求。謹此提議,願意贊助和推廣,如能擴充,增建則綿綿永遠,法喜無邊。如今電腦科技發展明遠。如果實質的擴展有困難,是否可以考慮在原地改設獨立電腦檔案的長生和永生牌位,附屬在萬佛城網站之下,信衆可上線申請。首先存檔容量能無限量放大,其次各道場都能共享集中在一個平台上,再就是各道場現有的牌位也得以轉換成電腦virtual 平台集中管理,更能保證常久精簡而經濟的集中管理和維護。此致




    I noticed Master Hua ‘s first coming visit to Golden Wheel but Ididn’t know there was a taking refugee ceremony. As Master Sure leading the way to the hall without hesitation (昂首闊步,顯大將軍威武象),it gave me an auspicous feeling and decided to take refugee on the spot. Recently I listen to the recording of Avatamsaka Sutra given by Master Sure and introduce the interfaith portion to my son James who is a College campus missionary of the Navigators.

  • Post Title (5/8/2022) by Kim Mercier from Las Vegas, U.S.A.

    I am not a sociable person. I prefer solitude. I live in the mountains in my car. I had been wanting to be able to sit in full lotus for twenty years or so but never quite able to handle the pain. Since I live in my car and have had to sit low on mattress while cooking, doing daily chores. It has somehow helped to stretch my legs. Recently, I have been chanting the Heart Sutra for hours and hours sitting in my car, trying to memorize the japanese version. I started to venture out on hikes and doing Heart sutra recitation while sitting in full lotus. Then it occured to me how I might be able to plant seeds in passersby just by sitting quietly in full lotus with palms together and a small light in front of me in case the sun goes down. I am hoping it I can pass the dharma seed out in this quiet way. How rare it is to see someone sitting in meditation in Las Vegas. That is my gift to people here.

  • Post Title (5/8/2022) by Rendy from Singapore

    Share dharma