Good Karma Music Stories

  • Post Title (3/28/2023) by bao from Singapore

    I try my best to help sick people by listening to their struggle.

  • Post Title (3/24/2023) by Yek Guan Choir from Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia

    Listen music to relax

  • Post Title (3/18/2023) by Jay Kelly from Jacksonville FL

    One time I let a friend live with me for a bit while they were trying to get back on their feet, which was a bit of an extreme circumstance. Otherwise it’s the usual “friend stuff” like listening to them vent about their problems–usually relationship-related, or helping them out with small emergencies.

  • Post Title (3/18/2023) by Mikey from Maryland

    I pay for my friend’s meals sometimes, make them food, if I have extra money (which is not often) sometimes I’ll buy them a thing they’ve been needing for a while, etc

  • Post Title (3/18/2023) by Nina from Serbia

    my good friend complained to me how his anxiety has been awful lately and kept him awake at night and told me how he feels like he needs a silly little stuffed animal to hug at night to help. So, while I was at a bookstore looking for something to get myself, I noticed that they also sold cute stuffed bunnies and thought that I could get it for him. He loved it! I don’t know if it helped much, because he never told me, but he did say how he sleeps with it every night, which made me quite happy 🙂

  • Post Title (3/18/2023) by Neiya from Miami FL

    The other week, my mother was complaining how she wasn’t able to grade tests because not a single one of our red ink pens was working. This is something that really upset her, given how small of a problem it honestly was, so the next day (on International women’s day, yep!), as I was on my way to class, I walked pass a office supplies store and thought to myself: “Okay, I should definitely get her a red ink pen…” And that I did! She was incredibly happy when I gave it to her and even bought me cheesecake as a thank you the next day!

  • Post Title (3/18/2023) by Lucas from Utah

    When my friends are going through tough times, I usually try to talk and check up on them as often as I can. Though, unless it’s an extreme example of a friend going through a hard time (as in the answer above), my help tends to be more verbal than anything else. I do try to help as much as they let me and I can, but I also do think that talking as a way of help is something I’m better at than other ways. Occasionally I do to try to take my friends out on walks or picnics to try to get them to get some fresh air and perhaps distract them from their problems. Picnics always seem like the best option, because it gives us time to both talk and stuff our feelings with food!