Crossing over, bit by bit

Amitabha. Facing certain issues with my father regarding my future plans within the Buddhadarma, I began to bow to my father, although not on a regular basis. It has worked on mnay levels, such as him realising my sincerity as well as in removing certain obstacles that were present in …

Fresh drinking water for Cambodian children

I am helping to organise a fundraising in Sydney on 28 July 2007 to raise money to provide fresh drinking water for Cambodian children. We hope to raise A$15000 to build 100 water tanks for Cambodian schools.

Walking the Dog

This morning as I lay in bed in the warmth, I thought about how cold it was outside and how nice it would be to stay there in the comfort, sleeping in. However the thought of my poor dog locked up outside in the frost , far colder than me, …

the courage to give

Sunday morning 8am. While waiting at a traffic light at a desolate street, a homeless man came up to my car with a sign asking for help. Alone and afraid, I drove past him without lending a hand.As I drove farther down the street, I felt terrible to not help …

Cleansing the Dharma Realm

After finishing up my laundry, I decided to literally ‘pay-it-forward’ by adding money to the washer and dryer so the next person using it would get a free wash/dry. Maybe the person who got the free wash would do the same?

Saying Goodbye to Jeannie

While attending the Mitra conference recently in Sydney, I learnt that a good friend of mine passed away in Kuala Lumpur. She had endured so much of suffering and pain and now she’s gone. I had the good fortune to cook for the Sangha members and took the opportunity to …

Going Home

I am not sure that i have done anything great to put in “Acts of Kindness”. I just rang home and told my mum and dad i decided to go home end of this year after leaving home for 2 years. I miss them!

Bhikkhu Ordination

I became a monk to help others realise the truth of their own existence and continue the lineage of teachings first illuminated by Siddartha Gautama – the Buddha, the perfectly awakened one, of this age.

Looks could be deceiving

I was leaving a home depot store once and a young man asked me for money, when I first seen him I thought to myself he just wants money to get alcohol or drugs. Then I caught myself and told myself I shouldn’t be so uncompassionate so I watched him …

Not Everyone Is Dangerous

Once…. i was walking home and suddenly a car stopped in front of me. Two men asked me for money. I was scare!!! I did not say anything and walked away. As i was walking away form them, i felt weird because they were just asking for 2 to 3 …