Buddhist Society in my School

What spurred me to have a Buddhist society in my school was the indiscipline amongst the Chinese students. I thought that if only I can have a Buddhist society I can share with the students the many dharma lectures that I have heard from Dharma Masters at Tze Yun Tung and they would know about cause and effect and would not be so naughty. So, putting my thoughts into action, I tested the waters. My previous principal did not allow for reasons unaccepted. Maybe the causes and conditions have not mature. Then, last year a new prncipal came. I prayed to Amitabha Buddha to help me and also dedicated merits and virtue to this principal before I approached him. He is not only a firm and staunch follower of his own religion but is also an expert in his field. And guess what, he approved of it without much fuss! Thanks to the compassion of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas!Now, my society is running. Although it started off with only five students, (Five bikshus???)the number has increased. I am very happy. With the help of other Buddhist teachers, the society is meeting every Friday for an hour after school. Some of the students, from 13 – 17 years, have good roots because they can understand what is spoken and are waiting for me in the class even before I enter. They even borrowed the Earth Store Sutra home to read. One girl even asked me for a copy of the sutra because her dad wanted to read it!Last Friday, I invited five university students, who are at the moment in my school (they are from China) to join us. One of them is filled with dharma bliss. She asked me if she can come again next week. AMITABHA! I told her that she is most welcome.May Buddha dharma continue to flourish and lead us all out of the cycle of birth and death.AMITABHA

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