• Let me help you

    Sometimes on my way home from work, I would see a woman walking with her 7-8 year old son, carrying a lot of stuff and taking her son to the karate class. I figured the latter as he was always dressed in his karate outfit. I had often seen her and being a mother myself, felt that it was so courageous and sacrificial of her to walk in the hot Southern sun everyday, making sure his son’s needs were met. One day I stopped by the curb and asked them to hop in. I told her that I wouldn’t mind giving them a ride and that they don’t have to…

  • The Sutra of the Medicine Buddha

    I recited the Sutra of the Medicine Buddha for all sentient beings that are suffering, and for them to quickly leave suffering and attain happiness and peace. I was inspired to do this by following other people’s example. I hope others who are reading this will be motivated to do the same. Reciting the sutra made me feel somewhat productive, in that I was doing something good for 20 min instead of something bad (although I had wandering thoughts). Thank you Rev. Heng Sure and Friends!

  • Transferring merit to national leader

    After reciting the Earth Store Sutra, I transferred the merit to the elected leader of our country, President Trump, that he might have the wisdom and compassion to lead our nation well.Although, a tiny drop in the water, I felt moistness in the air on that hot, dry mid-summer day.

  • The Longest Day

    I see patients in a busy clinic. I see enough of them so that, the first visit consumes all my time for just the history and exam.I stayed an extra hour on my own time t’other nite to make sure a patient in great pain received some treatment to diminish her suffering.How did it make you feel? Felt good. (“You know that I would, now….” – J. Brown. No need to occupy my mind on my drive home. The harmonious sounds of the universe humming its approval were all that was needed. Let us know what inspired you to make that your act of kindness. Knowing it could have been…

  • Kindness in duty

    I just wanted to clarify the use of the limited English language in our entry previously. I meant that what I do is not special, but simply a duty of care, from my perspective. And duty is a good thing. Buddha bless your patience with us.

  • Kindness in duty

    I wondered onto this site in search of wise music and discovered that I’m to share words of good deeds to receive the wonderful sounds. I have in the past shared experiences in the context of trying to explain a principle, or in the hope of providing a comforting perspective to others. But I never had to share experiences under the category of a “good deed”. So I initially struggled and couldn’t think of anything good that I’d done. I suppose because I never considered what I do as anything special, other than my duty. I was then reluctant to speak of such, as I’ve always said and done spontaneously…

  • Extending the Lifespan of the Dharma

    Once I had the opportunity to teach over 50 bright young monks and nuns in China how to speak the Dharma and explain sutras. We met at Lingyinsi, the ancient temple in Hangzhou for five days and for six hours every day I have the blessing of passing on my years of experience gained from the late Chan Master Hsuan Hua in speaking Dharma. We sang songs, investigated Samantabhadra Bodhisattva’s Practices and Vows Chapter of the Avatamsaka Sutra, and told lots of good stories. I got back much more than I gave from the experience. I am sharing this story with everybody hoping that they will do more good and…

  • Homeless Family and Dog

    Back in Colorado I was out on a summer night and I saw a homeless man, woman and their cute dog. They were holding a sign that said “anything will help.” I gave the couple and dog 20 dollars.

  • Coat for the Cold

    I was cleaning out my closet and came across my old winter coat. Not long before, I had purchased a new one and it seemed like a waste for the old coat, which was still in great condition, to just hang there unused. I thought about all of the homeless people that pass their days in the streets around my office. With the winter cold and rain settling in, it seemed liked one of them could use the coat. So on my lunch hour, I drove down the street until I spotted a couple walking down the street. They look tired and cold, especially the woman, who clasped her hands…

  • Paying back the

    On the outskirts of Perry, Michigan, a handful of monks reside and teach the Dhamma at Wat Dhammasala. When I visit, I bring food and donations for alms, and assist with work around the temple.I have introduced my parents and others to the teachings of the Buddha through visits to the temple.I have learned a great deal about answering the question “is this to the benefit of myself, and to the benefit of others?”.I hope others will find the benefits of the Dhamma as I have.