Let me help you

Sometimes on my way home from work, I would see a woman walking with her 7-8 year old son, carrying a lot of stuff and taking her son to the karate class. I figured the latter as he was always dressed in his karate outfit. I had often seen her and being a mother myself, felt that it was so courageous and sacrificial of her to walk in the hot Southern sun everyday, making sure his son’s needs were met. One day I stopped by the curb and asked them to hop in. I told her that I wouldn’t mind giving them a ride and that they don’t have to walk so far. Her eyes lit up and she quickly asked her son to jump in and threw the stuff in my car. She was extremely grateful. She told me that she didn’t have a car. When I dropped them off, I gave her my phone number and asked her to call me if she ever needed any help like this. She gave me a gracious smile and left. Driving away, I could remember her eyes lighting up and her relaxed smile. Though I never saw her again or heard back from her, I still felt that even though it wasn’t much, I still had made a little difference in someone’s life that day.

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