Kindness in duty

I wondered onto this site in search of wise music and discovered that I’m to share words of good deeds to receive the wonderful sounds. I have in the past shared experiences in the context of trying to explain a principle, or in the hope of providing a comforting perspective to others. But I never had to share experiences under the category of a “good deed”. So I initially struggled and couldn’t think of anything good that I’d done. I suppose because I never considered what I do as anything special, other than my duty. I was then reluctant to speak of such, as I’ve always said and done spontaneously and unconditionally. Though on further thought, I understood and respected the spirit of this concept; of why it’s important to share good ways, in keeping alive in the world the virtuous values of doing what is right, kind and good. I am a medical doctor by day, and so I hear and see the psychological and physical anguish of the thousands with their painful stories and circumstances of such pity. I do my duty to alleviate their anguish, no matter their background; I love them all. I am an employer to a large team of clinical and administrative staff; all of whom I care deeply about, as they have families to look after. I am a friend with ears foremost to staff and colleagues. At home, I am a daughter in every way and every day to my loving parents. Not a day has gone by without my checking in on them. Except for those years away when I had to study for my degree. I am a sister to many siblings and am only one call away in their need. I am a blessed auntie to many children. The older kids look to me to guide them through exams that I once successfully took, so I make time for them, and they are really good hearted and bright kids. The younger kids love my embrace and my play with them as much as I do, plus the sweets, and cartoons on my iPad. I teach all the children the importance of being kind in life, and never to laugh at those less fortunate – as this is cruel, and to help where they can. Just as I had when I was their age, as the school house captain once – in openly ignoring the bullying trend in the class; by taking into my circle of friends those who were bullied by others. I also encourage the kids to not be lazy and to work hard at what their hearts are set upon. They learnt to pray and have faith, as I did when I was their age. I am a Dharma friend too amongst Dharma friends, and we have interesting discussions at times in our quest for the right way in our spiritual path. No matter where I am, I never depart from thinking and doing what is right, what is kind and what is good. If this means being unpopular, hated, or having to protect the weak, then absolutely no problem. I have always been this way, because my grandparents and parents were kind in showing me the virtues of goodness.

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