Inspired Feeling

A student of mine passed me a brochure about the 5th Global Conference on Buddhism. I knew I had to attend this and I must not miss this great opportunity. I shared this information with a few friends and they too agreed to sign up immediately. I was looking forward to meet and listen to all the great teachers whose books I have read and given me so much joy and peace. Before the Global Conference, a friend informed me about a Metta Retreat for 3 days in Melaka. It will be conducted by Bhante Mahinda. My friend and I register immediately. It was such a wonderful experience – words just cannot express my heartfelt thanks and joy to Bhante Mahinda.I knew for sure my life will be filled with pure joy in learning and spreading the Dharma and the 2 days conference drove the point home. Since I return home from the conference I have used Datuk Dr. Victor Wee’s Metta Loving-Kindness CD to practice meditation every morning. all the books and CDs which I have collected (for which I will always be grateful) will be put into good use.

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