First of all, I feel very grateful that I could attend the 5th Global Conference on Buddhism as one of the volunteers. I have learnt a lot from the conference. Thanks to all the Bhante and Reverend. Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu! I am first exposed to Buddhism through a book entitled “10 Great Disciples of Buddha”. This book brings a lot inspiration to me. However, I learned more after I joined the Buddhist society of my university. I feel no regret for that decision. In the society, I was responsible to arrange welfare activities for two semesters. Thus, we have visited the old folks’ houses, orphanages and other welfare organizations. We brought food for them, helped them for cleaning and sang in front of them. However, after some deep thoughts, did we really help them? Did we only show other people in physically that we are very helpful? Did we really care about them especially in the mental side? I lost my way and direction when I thought of those. I then made a decision that we help as much as we can help. At the same time, I have organized a blood and organ donation drive in my campus. I hereby want to thank my parents that they allowed me to register as an organ donor. It is due to in Chinese Tradition, they dislike the remaining of the death people to be disturbed by other people. Thus, I’m very grate that my parents are very open-minded. I hope they can live happily and peacefully. Lastly, I hope that I can join more Buddhism activities for learning more and even gaining the peace in mind.

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