Sharing the Dharma.

I am grateful to have encountered the buddhadharma, without the buddhadharma i would not have been able to write this out.My parents were the people who helped me come across the buddhadharma.I am also very grateful to people in DRBA & CTTB & also Master Hua who have been able to translate Sutras in to english.Without their effort in translation i wouldn’t have been able to study and reflect on my mistakes.*prostates in respects*All my life i encountered plentiful of accidental occurences, which just turn up out of nowhere.It started off with a stomache problem then it became a back problem to a knee problem then to a permanent loss of vision on one eye then to a broken shoulder and a fatal denggue attack .At the same time i also fell sick quite often in between these things that occured over my life. From there on when i encountered the buddhadharma i learnt that the buddhadharma can in fact save lives.Hmm..starting to sound un-related to the act of kindness as required..The act of kindness i did was to bring my friend to the dharma talks and also help him change to be a better person. I also asked reverend heng sure advice on leaving the home life.but i haven’t got a response.I hope you reply me rev. heng sure.I’ve already given thought on this for a year..finally i decided to stop asking and just do it..i can ask till i become old and decripit then by then it’ll be too late.

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