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Latest Good Karma Music stories

  • Post Title (1/20/2023) by anonymous from las vegas, u.s.a.

    I give away what I dont useto those who are in need . I see a person walking in the pouring rain without an umbrella, I give em mine. I offer my jacket and tent to a homeless person. I cover homeless people sleeping without a blanket in winter, a warm quilt. Its not the case that I hold onto possessions thinking i might need it later. I give away my own blessings without hesitation.

  • Post Title (1/14/2023) by Onefur from Australia

    i went to make offering to the Buddha

  • Post Title (1/8/2023) by anonymous from indian springs, nv

    I hesitate to write this but may it be heard. Years ago, I visited a certain monastery and stayed as a volunteer. A young man in the community criticized, discriminated indirectly against me for having make-up on in front of others. Therefore suggesting I am not fit. The teacher laughed and replied to him that this person has a good heart. The discussion ended.

    Almost two decades later, i still held animosity for this young man whom ordained as a monk since then. Still, the animosity was there and i did not care to listen to his talks and dismissed him as a fool as foolish as I am.

    Then one day, I happen to attend a Kuan Yin retreat where he was to be. Chanting Kuan Yin’s name while walking and afflictions would arise in me when i came near him. How much i disliked him. While at retreat, I observed that he had developed some wisdom and was a good disciple of Buddha. I transformed my animosity towards him. Now I have good wishes for him.

    The moral of this story is I hope those who read this to take heed in their discriminating mind. It can be as small and foolish as criticizing a person for wearing make up on the face for a woman. Just from that once meeting.

  • Post Title (1/8/2023) by Billy Nguyen from San Jose

    On Thanksgiving 2022, my wife Maggie and I gave out vegetarian pizzas to people who were in need in downtown San Jose.

  • Post Title (1/6/2023) by Anonymous from USA

    My sister wanted to celebrate her birthday painting ceramics with her friends, but after realizing that it might be too expensive for everyone, I came up with an idea. I told her to ask her friends what they wanted to paint, and over the course of two weeks, I made the items they wanted out of air-dry clay. I went and bought more paint brushes, just to make sure they had enough to share. Her friends came over to our house and got to sit, talk, and laugh together while painting. I heard some of her friends say that it was their first time painting clay. At the end of the day, they all took home their finished pieces, smiling as they left. I’m really glad I could help them have this experience together.

  • Post Title (1/2/2023) by Iris Huang from San Jose, USA

    Our family of four just came back from our year-end trip from Northern California to four national parks in Southern California and Arizona. We spent six nights in four hotels during the seven-day trip. We were very grateful to hotel staff who still worked very hard during the holiday season. What we did was leaving tips along with a hand-written thank you note in the hotel room when we checked out. In addition, I made sure that we also tipped the hotel staff who made continental breakfast for us. On our last day of the trip, when we were getting our car’s tank filled up with gas, it occurred to me that I forgot to put the bills in the tipping box of the hotel dining room. So I asked my older son to go back to drop off the tips in the box. Sharing the earth together, we are like a big family and we are interdependent and interconnected. Without the work of all the people, our vacation would not be possible. Happy New Year to all my family members on this earth! Love you all!

  • Post Title (12/18/2022) by Siyi Ji from Rochester United States of America

    Facing financing crisis, spiritual crisis. I had no hope. I wish to go to the Pure Land as soon as possible. But still an aged mother needs to be taken care of…. Very struggle on life.