Good Karma Music Stories

  • talked to a person whom I got angree for long long time. (8/8/2007) by upanidra from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

    I was connected to a group and some misunderstanding ame along and I stoped facing them any more. Always I try to hide and flight but not any more. I know only soultion is free from this samsara. love

  • Teaching the next generation (8/8/2007) by gratefuldad from Minneapolis, USA

    As a stay-at-home father for many years, I learned selflessness by necessity…so many little people with endless needs for care, love, and compassion. If I hadn’t learned to care more about the needs of my children than my own, I would have probably remained confined within my own self, frustrated and unhappy. But they were truly my teachers, drawing me out of myself through their total dependence on me. Now as they reach young adulthood, I find to my utter joy that I was successful as their teacher too. They show through their words and their actions that they too have learned how to find happiness through kindness and by caring for others first.may the suffering of all completely cease…

  • a moment in time (8/8/2007) by rj from New York, USA

    i live in new york city, many years ago when i was quite young i remember watching a blind person waiting patiently at a street corner for soemone to help him cross. i new he needed help because every few seconds he would tap his cane on the ground hoping to get someones attention. i was in a rush and going in the opposite direction i figured someone else would help..well i passed him by but kept looking over my shoulder to see if someone would stop to help…as i kept going further and further it became apparent that no one was stopping until i was so far i lost sight…Well talk about feeling terrible expecially since before this incident i had helped quite a few elderly individuals across busy streets. I vowed if i see someone in need at a crosswalk i would offer assistance without a moments thought. I have been very fortunate to have helped numerous blind and elderly on there way since that long ago incident.

  • Mr. Nice Guy Strikes Again (8/5/2007) by Mr. Nice Guy from Jamaica Queens, United States

    So I work for a non-profit agency in NYC and I’m on a city bus with some of my clients. We pull up at a bus stop where a woman with a stroller waits. When the bus doors open and it’s time for her to get on she isn’t able to properly fold up the stroller. She has in one hand her baby child, and with the free hand she struggles to fold the stroller. I get up, exit the bus and offer to help, but I can’t even operate the thing with two hands. I work with it for about five minutes and am still unable to be of any help. The bus passengers are getting impatient (this is New York after all) and my group is already late for their volunteer assignment. I tell her that I can’t figure it out and get back on the bus. The bus driver is about to pull out when I realize “I can do this!”. I calmly go out to her once again and pull up on a handle that had previously gone unnoticed. The stroller folds up, the lady gets on the bus with her baby, and she takes the empty seat that I once occupied.

  • the little rodent (8/4/2007) by ahamkara108 from New York, USA

    A while back I took in two gerbils who had no home. They smelled and ran on their wheel at all hours, often keeping me awake. But I grew to love the little guys. Sadly, after they reached the age of about 3 they both passed away, hopefully to a good rebirth.

  • Divine intervention (8/3/2007) by NULL from Scottsdale, usa

    My experience is about God and Christ’s forgiveness. Christ’s true forgiveness taught me that there isn’t an effect for every cause. He helped me to travel outside of Karma. Christ had the time to talk. And He walked the walk. He touched me with his very hand and I cried when His mercy blessed my life. His love found beauty in the ugly things in my life.His love is both personal and universal.I don’t know why I’m telling you about this.

  • A day trek (8/3/2007) by -lavender- from Muar, Malaysia

    I am from Malaysia, but I came over to Sydney to further my studies for 2 and half years. That day, I decided to trek to the nearest supermarket instead of using the bus, because I enjoy walking, while enjoying the scenery. On the way, I stop at a traffic light, waiting to cross the road. A lady with 2 plastic bags, and one hand carry bag stop at the same traffic light. She is about 60 years old. The bags were full of groceries and really seemed heavy to me. She looked very tired carrying the bags. I offered my help to carry for her to cross the road. After crossing the road, I decided to walk her back to her home, since her home is just few meters away. On the way, we chat a lot. She is Elizabeth. She has 2 sons and a daughter. She is very kind and sweet. I felt so warmth to meet her, because I am alone here without my family. on the way, she plucked two lavenders and gave to me. I felt so touched. Although is just a small deed to help her to carry the bags, but I really felt happy, really happy. That is the experience that I will never forget.