Teaching through Kindness

I deeply value being kind and considerate for myself, but I am also a mom, and I know that I’ve got one chance to raise my boys to be good people. Therefore I feel it is doubly important to try to be kind, courteous and considerate in all my actions – I’ve got 3 sets of eyes watching my every move. Some of the things I try to do: always say please and thank you; always greet and ask after anyone I interact with – I always greet the checkout person and bagger at my grocery, for instance; use cloth bags even if it means buying treking out to the car or trying to buy new if I miss them; picking up trash; helping people who drop things; opening and holding doors for people, fostering homeless cats…and so on. Hopefully my little ones are learning to be compassionate and thoughtful…I have high hopes – last weekend they asked me to go for a walk around the block to pick up garbage and recyclables, and they say please and thank you most of the time….^_^

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