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recently, a nomadic Dharma sister named Clear Grace DayAnanda visited our city. i was able to offer her groceries as alms, and together we helped pass out free stuff to local homeless folks.

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volunteering in temple

I have been taking my kids to a local Buddhist Temple to do some volunteer work when time is allowed on weekends. The kids are enjoying the friendly atmosphere and the people in the Temple are very kind and helpful. I hope by doing this can enlighten myself and my …

Fund for the indigenous school

The indigenous charter school in HualianTaiwan just built their first class room. After fund raising they are still short of the needed fund to pay for the construction cost. Upon hearing the situation, I sent the some fund to close part of the gap.

Releasing a Good Karma Music Album

In this steps, we need to 1) check and correct filename convention, 2) check and fix mp3 meta data, 3) zip album This post describes steps to release a Good Karma Music album for downloading. We’ll be using Brian Conroy’s “The Light That Never Dies” as an example. Prepare album …

No E-cigarettes

I stopped a Facebook market seller from selling E-cigarettes by explaining how bad the vaping causes the body. I didn’t know the seller, and I was ready to accept scolding from the seller. Luckily the seller accepted not to sell and thank me for explaining.

Add a subcategory podcast

Some podcast may have too many episodes and better to group into sub-category podcasts. Sub-category podcasts will still show up as part of the parent podcast, but can also stand-alone. Following video shows how to create sub-category podcast. This video shows how to – create subcategory in the post – …

EP01: 釋迦牟尼文佛

宣化上人講於1984年3月2日 佛示生於中天竺國。為淨飯聖王之子。尋捨轉輪聖王位出家。成無上道。轉大法輪。其後七十九歲。垂般涅槃。乃以正法眼藏。付其高第弟子摩訶迦葉。并敕阿難。副二傳化。復以金縷僧伽梨衣。令大迦葉轉付當來補處彌勒佛。其說偈曰。法本法無法。無法法亦法。今付無法時。法法何曾法。 贊曰萬德莊嚴 一塵不立 四十九年 太煞狼藉末後拈花 笑倒迦葉 正法眼藏 千聖不識 或說偈曰  (1984年3月2日·宣化上人作)兜率降生帝王家 四門遊畢棄繁華說法演教化群品 慈悲喜捨度眾俠萬德莊嚴福慧聚 一塵不立淨自他佛僧傳承滿天下 攝受有情數稻麻 EP01: 釋迦牟尼文佛,所有音頻文字: 更多 #宣化上人 #法語 與 #佛法開示法界佛教總會中文網

第二門 藏教所攝 003

【疏文】相者,謂世俗諦相、勝義諦相。法者,謂蘊、界、處、緣起、諦、食、靜慮、無量、無色、解脫、勝處、遍處、菩提分、無礙解、無諍等。義者,隨順密意說」等。 ◎本專輯分五集,涵蓋十門分別如下:第一集:第一門教起因緣第二集:第二門藏教所攝第三集:第三門義理分齊、第四門教所被機第四集:第五門教體淺深、第六門宗趣通別、第七門部類品會第五集:第八門傳譯感通、第九門總釋經題、第十門別解文義 《華嚴經疏淺釋》所有音頻文字: 聆聽更多 #宣化上人 #法語 與 #佛法開示法界佛教總會中文網