Giving of food

I went to the Asian grocery store and bought a bag of my favorite snack–rice crackers with seaweed. As I was driving home, I saw a guy with a sign asking for help. I rolled down my window and gave him my seaweed rice crackers.

Guanyin Recitation

I recited Guanyin more than 100 times and dedicated the merit to all living beings.

Sharing the Dharma music with children, and friends in China

I am going to share the new album with two children and their young Dharma friends so that a good seed gets planted in them. They will also enjoy singing along with their families. I am also sharing this project with some Dharma friends in China. So grateful for Dharma …

Everyday Good Deeds

As a new father, I vow to continue to uphold certain practices. Its not easy with a one year old! So I wake up early, before my family, and chant the Shurangama Mantra , the Great Compassion Mantra and others, along with reciting vows everyday, offering up this meritorious conduct …

Done and forgotten

I helped my friend clean his bicycle last week, as it was difficult to clean the bicycle chain. Because I knew how to clean it so i helped him out 😀


I am much inspired by the positive energy of the music so I have shared this project with my families and friends. I hope it will bring joy and peace to them who then can share with more people 🙂

Three Steps, One Bow to support Vegan diet

I have been doing the Three Steps One Bow with Berkeley Buddhist Monastery online program daily for a few months now. I would like to delicate this merits to encourage people to be Vegan. It is really not compassionate kill and eat other beings flesh to nourish ourselves.

Announcing the Release of “Dharma Radio” and Good Karma Music Project

After over three years in the making, the Dharma Radio music album of thirteen songs by Reverend Heng Sure and Friends will be released on November 19, 2020.  What did enlightened people in China and India write about? When they sang, what stories did their songs tell? How would their …

Reduced streaming programs

Due to limited resource, we are reducing the internet radio streaming programs to recurring daily programs and Saturday live lecture only.