The Cat

Last night a stray cat broke into my home to find food. I chased it out of the house. This afternoon when I came home. I feed the cat.

Gave my Backpack to a Homeless man

There was a grubby man who was living on the streets of Chico he carried all his camping stuff on his body and in loose bags. I had a camping backpack and I gave it to him so he could live more comfortably.

Shit on a stick

Thank you for your dharma and music it has brought me great joy. When asked what is Buddha an enlightened master answers A piece of shit on a stick, or that’s how I remember it, that shocked me at the time and I still think about it. Seeing my community …

Donate $2 at Rona for Children hospital

Dear all, I just donated $2 when shopping today without the cashier’s asking. I wish this is good karma. Can’t wait to receive the album.


I am a master student. These days there are quite a lot of homeless people around my residential area. One day when I was grabbing my breakfast in a local cafe, there was a man outside of the shop, around 30 to 40 years old, begging for food. At first, …

Donation to the needed

I am a Mall worker in Malaysia, one day when I when down to the mall lower Ground 1 floor, I saw a retired man who was wearing an torn pair of pants. So I ask him if he was eat his dinner. The poor man replied he have not …



Filial Piety

Today for a good deed I washed my moms car and vacuumed the inside. I also cut down a tree for her in her back yard. I didn’t really want to do it because I liked the tree and it was one that was started from a seed. But I …



Donate To Sick Person

There are many people in this world who are sick but cannot afford medical expenses. My father was in this predicament two years ago. Fortunately, we got a lot of help from people. Before that, I sometimes donated money when I saw someone asking for help on the Internet. But …