I am a master student. These days there are quite a lot of homeless people around my residential area. One day when I was grabbing my breakfast in a local cafe, there was a man outside of the shop, around 30 to 40 years old, begging for food.

At first, I ignored the person, but later I realised that a breakfast probably meant more for him than for me. So, I gave up my breakfast, and invited him to pick a sandwich at his own choice.

He had a nice pair of shoes, but he hasnt shaved his beard for a few days, and his clothes were dirty. Out of curiosity, I asked why he became homeless, and he said, ‘My wife threw me out.’ While I didnt go further questioning, it was clear to me that the lockdown has certainly done something to this family. And then, he requested a hot drink, which I refused, because I didnt intend to get myself a hot drink in the first place.

Before we departed, I told him that everything will be fine. Perhaps things will not be fine for him for a while; I just wanted to spread to him a positive attitude. Next day, when I walked past the cafe, he was no longer around. Whatever happened to him next, I wish him all the best.

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