Coming Early 2019!

A New Album of Buddhist Stories Into Folk Songs:
Empty Cloud Wakes Up
Family Tree
Song of Enlightenment
Turtle Island lullaby
Super Strong
She Carries Me
Robe and Bowl
Breathing In, Breathing Out
Praise The Buddha
She Who Hears The Voices
Wish To Repay

Paramita – American Buddhist Folk Music

American Buddhist folk songs – – pioneering a new wave of Western Buddhist culture. Socially awake, talking about mad American Beef Cows, peak oil, and cause and effect, Rev. Heng Sure has been called “the Buddhist John Denver.” These are clean, homespun tunes featuring guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle and dulcimer. The musicians helping out include some of the Bay Area’s most experienced acoustic players: Henry Kaiser, Alan Senauke, Paul Hostetter, Josh Michaell, Robin Petrie, and Brian Godchaux.

Album details and liner notes.

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Paramita Album cover
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