Act of Kindness

Music for the Act of Kindness

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  1. Perform a priceless act of kindness.
  2. Write and submit a short reflection of your experience.
  3. Download your music of choice

Sounds simple enough? We hope so. You might wonder: What’s the purpose of our approach? The concept is clear if you first understand what Paramita means. 

Tiny drops of water can merge to form a river. Regardless of how small an act of kindness seems, when pooled together, can become a formidable amount and enable one to accomplish a great deal. It brings about a change, a crossing over to a more peaceful world, one step at a time. We shouldn’t pass up on any good deed just because it seems too small to matter or make a difference. Kindness brings us hope. It inspires us to become better people.

So whether you gave a dime or a million dollars to charity, cooked for your parents or served an entire town devasted by a wild fire, we encourage to you to share your experience with us. Let us know what inspired you to make that your act of kindness. Did your act motivate others to do the same? How did it make you feel? In fact, there is no criteria for your submission. Just share what you like and we hope every one of us can learn from your experience and get inspired to make a difference in this world.

May all become compassionate and wise.

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Latest Act of Kindness stories

  • Listening is good. (7/10/2020) by Varssha Tulshiyani from Surat, India

    In this time of COVID-19, I believe listening is the most important thing that you can do.On scrolling through an acquaintance Insta Story, could guess that she was upset and frustrated. I called her and talked about things, current scenario, the challenges, her reactions, etc etc.And she felt relieved and was bit calmer.I was glad that my listening could help someone be calm and bring joy.

  • My small little act of kindness (6/8/2020) by xinyin from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Since now is the Covid-19 season, a lot of people have lost their job. I donated some money to old folks home, for their daily needs like food and water. I donated money to some organisations that give food and water to homeless people, and i also donated money for them to buy some masks and PPE suits. Thank you!

  • Longer Tables (5/27/2020) by Jay Brow from Plano, United States

    I am working with a small Church in the rural Philippines. We like to call our projects to build longer tables not higher walls. The latest project I funded was a roadside coin-operated car wash. It has an adjacent small store and living quarters. The business will be given (except the coins) to a poor family of four. The mother and father will run the store and sell roadside coffee and snacks and the two boys 10 and 14 will hustle to operate the handheld washing wands for those interested in a break. The coins will be used to maintain equipment and build some additional business. An early project bought 3 hectares (about 7 acres) of the contiguous land and want to build homes and businesses for the poor.I have followed my own path after reading Hesse’s Siddhartha in Vietnam in 1968.

  • recite sutra to tune (2/14/2020) by L Lee from Ipoh, Malaysia

    I recited the Universal Door Chapter for 5 days in a row. I like its tune as recited at Deng Bi An which I found online.

  • Giving back to society (12/28/2019) by Chan Cheng Cheng from Penang, Malaysia

    My husband and I have been involved in Sunday School Dharma class for more 8 years. As years passed, we can see that the children in our Sunday School has grown up to become an individual with good values such as becoming a responsible person and fillial to their parents. We felt so honor to be involved to help on every Sunday to make a changes for a better world with a healthy new generation.

  • untitled (12/10/2019) by cactus candy from Prescott, USA

    An act of kindness (aka connection, appreciation, sharing, …) comes from times of openness and weakened boundaries At such times all interactions are acts of kindness, appreciation, love. These times can only occur when there is no sense of rushing or urgency. Unusual in our society. I have recently put together a collection of mp3 vocal songs, and have shared this with 2 people. One told me that she would never take that collection from her car CD player. The other (a couple), who were reluctant to listen to or accept it, called to thank me for it – telling me they were surprised how profound an effect it had on them and had been listening to it for over an hour before calling me to say how thankful they were.The artists are unknown in popular music, some hard to find on even YouTube. I believe these gifts are much more likely to increase sales (marginally) of their CDs than dig into sales. This spiritually base music would have a very limited audience. See for example

  • Write a treasure hunting game for youngsters (10/8/2019) by a foolish from Turku, Finland

    Last weekend, we organized a small camp for a group of 40 young Buddhists who aged between 6 to 18. I used my software programming skills to create a simple online Treasure Hunting Game for them. The topic of the game is finding the 3 most valuable Treasures in the World. The games lasted for 3 hours. They went around a Buddhist Temple and searched for QR Code, answered questions about Buddhist Dharma, tried to overcome challenges of memorize the Sutra, Buddhist songs. There were 6 stations and at the last station, a team gave me the correct answer: Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. I am very happy that my simple piece of code could generate fun for young people, encourage them to learn more about Buddha’s teaching.