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Amitabha, to whoever saw this post. I know this Good Karma Music from YouTube weekly Rev. Heng Sure lecture. I have extreme low esteem, mild depression in my daily life and anxiety in study. It has been a daily routine for me to listen to Rev Heng Sure lecture everyday. I will repeat listening to the lecture everyday. I didn’t get all the knowledge in his teaching, but I found his voice and true energy can calm my mind and heart. I m sorry if I didn’t seems respectful if I listening to his lecture while studying. I supposed that I am doing a good deed if I learn to control my act and mind properly, and helps to increase the number of views of Rev. Heng Sure lecture, so that the proper dharma can be spread better in this society. Lastly, I would like to say sorry for my broken English and Thank you for your time reading to this message.

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