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A friend, also someone I admired, started an immersive indigenous language school in Hualian, Taiwan a few years ago hoping to save the endangered language and culture. Started from nothing, the school were able to build a classroom last year. This year, they are raising money to publish all-indigenous language text books. Many friends around me are very well off. I thought if I can get some of them to help, it will be a big boast for the schools’ funding. I set out to write a Facebook post. Thought it would only took 5 minutes to write, turns out it took me over an hour to get the post right. I shared the post with lots of hope. Two days later I received twenty six likes from my friends. However, looking at the number of sponsors on the fund raising page, I think none of my friend donated since the number didn’t change. It’s unfortunate, but I’m still glad I tried

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