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On a Saturday afternoon, my phone rang. It’s a call from my senior neighbor. “Hi, I want to use my camera to take pictures, but somehow it takes multiple pictures, maybe my setting is wrong. Do you know how to fix it?” Not able to see the camera, it’s difficult to understand the problem and fix the issue. I said: “Let me come over to take a look”. “But we’ll be leaving in 15 minutes”, “I’ll be there in 5 minutes” I said. I went to the neighbor’s house. He is on his wheel chair holding his Olympus E-M1 camera. “Some how it takes multiple pictures with different exposures”. Camera’s Mode dial is correct on the Auto, but the screen shows it’s operating in Art Bracket mode. I remembered my Olympus had the similar problem, I turned the mode dial a few times and it’s back to normal. I told the neighbor it’s a common problem with the Olympus as it ages. Just turn the mode dial a few times and the problem can be fixed. I’m glad that I came by to fix the problem for them quickly, and they were not late to attend their event.

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