My Birthday

Today is my 10th birthday, I do not have a birthday party. Instead, I spent a day with my family & auntie’s family. We went to a temple in Long Beach and be vegetarian for a day. The food was very good especially these curry mini pancakes. I got red envelopes for my birthday, instead of keep all the money. My mom said I can create good deed if I donate some of my money to the temple. I decided to donate $20 for the food. After that we took my dog to the Long Beach dog park, we met some dog friends! Then we went to the outlet and got some ice creams. It’s the best birthday, I ever had. After all that fun we went home then open more gifts! Thank you everyone!! 🙂 Also, I am reciting great compassion mantra 3 times and transfer all the merit to everyone who is suffering from Covid and hope it will end very soon. Lastly, I always like Master Heng Sure singing in Youtube, when my mom told me about a chance to maybe get the album… I don’t want to miss it. I hope to see Master again when you can visit us in US.

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