I visited CTTB for a couple of hours to donate sutra’s and bow at the Buddha Hall from Nevada. I needed to make changes to my return date on the greyhound. The nice young chinese man at the admin counter allowed me to use the computer in one of the rooms. This astonished me. I was pleasantly surprised. It was a shock to my system that someone at CTTB was being kind to me.

(I had visited CTTB before but received harsh scoldings for no reason and it really made me want to stay away, but because of Master Hsuan Hua, I keep coming back over the years.)

So…when I was offered to use the computer I was in awe. It touched my heart…. the young man’s kindness. He also called me a cab so I could go to my hotel room. I had brought a genuine sandalwood mala beads I had been saving in a silk bag from Nepal for twenty or so years. It was a great treasure to me. I cherished it so much I wouldn’t use it. I just kept it with my sutra books. Because of this young man’s kindness I offered him my cherish possession, the sandalwood mala beads.

I realized then that I was able to give away my most treasured possessions.

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