There Is Always Something Good Inside and Around You

As a DRBU Masters Course graduate student, there is always a vivid memory of my time there beating strongly inside my grateful heart, especially after having left California so abruptly and unexpectedly due to COVID-19.
Back home, having left everything, and wanting to immerse myself in “retreat-mode” to be able to sink in everything that I learned and experienced in DRBU, I suddenly found myself faced to the reality of the demands of such situation.
So my expectations of a peaceful retreat disolved as the number of people I had to begin to help psychotherapeutically for free increased dramatically.
I had so much wanted to have the time to go through my texts and notes again, so as to “not forget” what I had seen in my Course!
But my sealed commitment as a mental health provider was and has been the priority.
The months have gone by, and continuos, profound psychotherapeutic and academic work are still very much needed as a free contribution in my country, now.
Therefore, no time left for reviews of my classical texts, and I began to feel somewhat nostalgic and overwhelmed, asking myself when would that time come so that I could feel my teachings “close”.
But then, previous patients of mine, some of the new ones, and especially my relatives and sons, told me how inspired they were by the “results of my DRBU Retreat”, and that my non-profit help had inspired them to do the same with their own activities, circumstance that had made them feel and think that it was precisely what the world needed now more than ever before, and that they would continue doing so for good.
Generosity, Loving-Kindness, Forgiveness, and Gratitude…
Paying forward…
Aren´t those some of the abodes we should always dwell in, everywhere, everytime?

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