A Free Meal

I was fortunate to work at a company where I received a free lunch each working day during the COVID-19 pandemic. Besides getting a free lunch, I also get to take another free vegetarian lunch box home if there’s any left over by the end of the day. One day on my way home, I saw a homeless man about middle age drove a bicycle to his tent which camped next to the freeway entrance. Within a split second, I thought to myself, how fortunate I am to have free lunch at work and even get to take home a second free meal sometimes. I was overwhelmed with so much gratitude and blessings and decided to share my blessings with the homeless man. I safely stopped my car where he was, rolled the window down, and gave him the vegetarian lunch box. He smiled at me and said “Thank you. God blesses you.” I replied “You’re welcome, hope you enjoy the meal,” and off I drove. I was able to stop by the second and third time to give him more snacks, fruits, and a meal before I got transferred to a new work site. The joy of giving intensifies each time I give. It’s similar to giving the “self” away each time you give like Reverence HS mentioned. I feel so much lighter and happier than before when I give a piece of my “self” away.

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