The Encounter

On that one Sunday in 1983 – While alone staying behind in the kitchen at the old Gold Wheel Monastery – and silently, I prayed the Buddha’s name. Others were upstairs chanting and following after the two Masters, who had completed their pilgrimage of three-step-one-bow. Grand Master Hsuan Hua stepped into the kitchen along with one of his lay-disciple, my friend’s mother, Grandma Julie. Grandma Julie explained that I could not understand Chinese – but, Grand Master smiled. His smile was just like my late Grandpa’s. Grand Master talked and Grandma Julie translated that “Buddha’s language is to be listened to with your eyes and, is to be spoken with your heart.” Then, I was told to go upstairs joining everyone and listening to Grand Master’s teachings. A little while later, I was seated on the front row and, right in front of him so that I could listen to his words with my eyes.I was devoured by his voice and my heart pranced with each of his words.This Encounter has changed my journey – delivering me onto a different ground. I am still learning to listen with my eyes – and, speaking with my heart. Moreover,Prances – my heart still,Devoured – my self is,Follow Grand Master’s light,Always – I with the heart and the eyes.With sincerity – sharing the Grand Master’s loving and kindness.Your disciple Than Mai

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