Can I drop you somewhere?

I love to walk, but not on the busy roads that are full of vehicles moving in all directions, honking and creating a chaos. Every time I don’t have a vehicle and I have to walk I wish I’ll meet someone I know who is going in the same direction and will offer to drop me. When I drive I see a lot of people walking, mostly they are the ladies who work as house help and women (different age) who are on their way to/from the vegetable market. When I see them I feel like, What if like me they too are wishing for someone to come and drop them to their destination? Hene, I have started to ask them if they need a lift. Their initial response is “Do we know each other?” It has been an incredible experience so far. I’ve had some interesting conversations, the best are the blessings that I’ve received from them. Now every time I drive my eyes keep looking for those who walk on the sides of the road.

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