Grad Night

My daughter is graduating public high school this year. One of the many activities open to the seniors is a “Grad Night” at a local theme park. The cost is over a hundred dollars. I’m happy that my wife and I are able to afford to pay for this so she can participate in a social gathering of her peers. However, I know that not all parents will be able to afford to have their student participate. I began to think about this and wondered why the school PTSA would spend time organizing an activity that would knowingly exclude some disadvantaged students. After all, is not the aim of public school an egalitarian system of education? After an email exchange with the president of our PTSA I learned that there were many students who would not be able to participate purely because of financial reasons. I told her that my wife and I wanted to sponsor a disadvantaged student by purchasing a second ticket and adding some pocket money as well. After the next PTSA meeting the president called me to tell me that, upon hearing what my wife and I had done, that others in the PTSA were touched and they too wanted to sponsor a student as well. I told her it was nice that we had been this inspiration; however we still believe that the PTSA should not be working on activities based on financial ability because it was exclusionary. Not sure this message was well received. But we are happy that at least one senior, that would not have otherwise done so, will feel included.

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