Stories of Kindness

Hello!I have submitted a couple of the same story, because the download on my computer hasn’t been going through. Hopefully this time it goes through :)I am currently in my paternal village in India and have been finding acts of kindness everywhere I go. From the individuals who work my family’s farm to the stray puppies who come to our front door step. I know the process is to do an act of kindness, but I thought I would share one that has happened in the past rather than the one I did today. There was a man who lived in my father’s village long ago. He was closed to my grandfather and always would speak to my father after my grandfather died. He was a man of compassion and selfless love. He lived his entire life feeding the dogs and birds of this village. During the last years of his life he made a temple honoring the animals of this village that invisibly and silently provided so much for generations. To this day, this village has prayer each evening and supports the animals who come through this village. I thought I would share this because this is something that, too, is lost in our village and day and age. To take care of the things we perceive as small in nature.

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