Not to Waste Food

During one of the Dharma assembly in Deng Bi An (DBA), I was sitting across an old lady. At the end of her meal, she stood up to leave to wash the plate, and I happened to look up, I saw there was still some food left. It was the spicy “sambal”-a kind of chilli sauce that goes with rice. On that day the kitchen happened to cook a very spicy and hot “sambal.” I guess she could not eat it. So I stood up and went after her, and said “Amitofo, you do not want the sambal? I like it, I can have yours.” Thus no food was wasted. Amitofo.P/S: Please note, the email above is the email of a Dharma friend in China, whom I am giving the Dharma songs as a gift. Amitofo

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