Supported Zen Center of Las Vegas

I donated some money to help Zen Center of Las Vegas find a new location where they can continue their practice. Being surrounded by casions and world entertainment, I thought that it is important that this center is able to continue its dharma work. I understand that they are having an issue with its current location. After being in its present location for many years, they have to move out suddenly due to issues with the property owners. I have learned from this issue and I hope every other Buddhist centers learn from it, that even if the owners are presently students of the Master, and lets the center use it for free or for some payment, it is best to have a written agreement regarding the property. You need to put it down in writing whether it is operating lease, financial lease, outright purchase, etc. Spell out the terms. You never know that people can have a sudden change of heart. Then you may face a problem with your current location.

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