No difference between here and there

I like to forget my good actions immediately after I’ve performed some. One summer night, 6:00 p.m. or so, I was returning from the gym. At that time, I lived together with my parents and had no job at all. Professional future was nothing but a wander. It´s very usual up here for many people to taste some smelling hot coffee with a sandwich at night, instead of dining.So, I was coming back home from an exercises routine and, halfway, under a roof with a huge hole in, inside an abandoned house´s dirty and stinky garage, there stood that old couple, forgotten by mankind, dressed in rags. I’ve seen animals best treated than that old couple. But, despite all the poverty on this huge world, there seemed to be love between that poor old man and that humble lady, there in that absence of any material comfort, two people left astray from the so called “civilized society” which was supposed to aid them in their old age. Promptly, I decided to go home, prepare some hot tasty coffee and a juicy sandwich, and rushed to that poor stinky spot in order to still try to find them laying around. For my happiness, both of them were still there and the light in her eyes, when I gave her that fresh tasty meal in a cold night is worth more than a million thank you´s.

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