Stilling the hunger of a Homeless Person

I used to live in Rotterdam. Frequently I took a stroll in the busy shopping streets in the Rotterdam Centrum. There often I pass by a homeless person. Frequently I (try to) to talk to him, in the hope of understanding his situation. Unfortunately his story was often incoherent, despite my best efforts.This one time, it was very late and dark. And definitely pass dinner time. I saw this homeless person again and I thought by myself “How should I help him?”. I don’t want to give him money. You never know how he will spend the money (drugs?).So I asked him if he was hungry, which he replied yes. Then I asked him what he wanted to eat. I offered him to go to a Chinese restaurant (and there were very good ones in Rotterdam.) He said he was satisfied with having a McDonald meal. After I gave him the take away, I went home. I gave him food to fill his stomach. He gave me the chance to Paramita Dana.

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