Helping others as they are you

I have been giving small amount of money every month consistently over the last 10 years to help others (but feel shameful that although my income has been increased significantly, but the donation I made is not).I read somewhere that:”When we are happy and fortunate, always remember that there are others who are not so fortunate and need our helps.When we are sorrow and unfortunate, always remember that there are others who are even worst compare to us, so be content and not be greedy.”In whatever we do, try to think of other people perspective, and asking “what happen if I am that person…”. Take other person as if it’s yourself, and always try to benefits other people.and in whatever happens, don’t be angry or having hatred… My friend always told me that, and I am still learning.That said, I feels that I should contribute more, I should ask myself when I am about to make unnecessary spending that… “If that amount of money is better off giving to others?”