The Thankful Son

as far as i can remember i never really appreciated what my parents had done for me in the past. they always stood behind me, no matter what the issue would be, helped me in my helplessness, cared about me even if i didn’t care.i didn’t fully appreciated that the two always tried to be the best parents, to make me happy, to give me the feeling that they really love me, and that it was never their intention to harm me in any way. Sometimes my mother would ask me a little favour, like washing dishes or cleaning a room, or simply to close the door to the kitchen in the winter in order that it wouldn’t get cold inside. But i never really listened, never realized how little she demanded of me, with such little things. After all she and my father did such a tremendous job.As an act of kindness, from some day on, i really paid attention, listened to them more carefully, asked them more about how they they are or simply said “was a hard day at work hm”, and hugged them heartily.since then i tried more often to help them in normal day life, offered them my help, and more importantly for me, i got never again angry or mad at them if something went wrong or if i wasn’t satisfied with something, because now i know that all they did for me was with an act of love. they most important thing is to return this love and be kind, this is what i have learned now.i turned 20, and i am thankful to have learned this now.even if you will never read this, i really care about you and i am glad that we are all healthy and alive.thank you 🙂

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