Transporting Sunshine

I have been called on a few times to take some elders to the Buddhist temple, Gold Sage Monastery in San Jose. The elders that I transport are the most appreciative people in the world. They say “Thank you” and “Amitabha” many times when they are getting into the car, after they take seats in the car, during the time they are in the car, and when they are getting out of the car. When they get off the car, they wave “Thank you” and “Abmitabha” so many times, till they bathe me completely in the abundance of sunshine, till I am completely speechless, and till I say again and again in my heart – “These elders are my sunshine. I am so blessed. I need to be on the business of transporting the sunshine again and soon.”I think a am doing a good deed transporting the elders to the temple, but sometimes I wonder if this is indeed a good deed – for, can something so enjoyable be counted as a good deed? But I am delighted to have an opportunity to share my happiness of transporting sunshine – hopefully, with many kind and hoppy people who have done good deeds.

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