Washing a Neighbor’s Car Windows in Winter

It is just barely above freezing, but my car’s windows are very dirty, covered with salty splash from the roads up here in Worcester County, Massachusetts. It’s 10pm, and I’m out washing my windows of my car with vinegar and water and newspaper… so that I can see out and drive safely the next day.The car next to mine is almost as bad as mine. It was a Mercedez-Benz… one of the nicer cars in our condominium’s parking lot. I felt a twinge of envy.Since many people do not have time to wash their car windows, and just struggle by, and I had the time and the equipment on hand, I decided to wash my unknown neighbor’s car windows, so they too might see more clearly. No matter what our vehicles, we all have the same dirty windows. :)Thank you for your music.

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