Prajna wisdom

I came across this interesting anecdote about the manifestation of Prajna wisdom while watching a Buddhist Lecture on television.In this story,there was an individual by the name of Mr Hardwork. Mr Hardwork was a very poor man who lived a hand-to-mouth existence in his younger days.Thus,he resolved to become a rich businessman so that he can escape from the ills of poverty. As his name suggests,he was a person who strives the best in whatever he does.Hence,over a decade,he built up a business empire that was worth billions of dollars. However,in a financial crisis,he became bankrupt overnight.Being unable to accept such a harsh reality,he headed to the beach in order to commit suicide by drowning himself in the ocean. When he got to the beach,he was taken aback by a young lady who was pacing back and forth in the beach.She was looking troubled and frustrated.Seeing such an unusual sight,the man decided to ask her what has happened before he jumps down.He approached her and questioned her. To his astonishment,he realised that this lady has arrived here with the same purpose as him. Suddenly,a thought of Prajna wisdom arose in his mind.He asked the girl,”Were you so unhappy to the extent of commiting suicide before you were engaged with your boyfriend?” “No…,”the girl replied.Then,it dawned upon her that she will not be so miserable without her boyfriend as she was also happy without one in the first place. Thus,the lady made up her mind and realised she was foolish to consider commiting sucide initially. Having her problem solved,she began to ask the man why he was here.The man told her about his lifestory about how he became a rich business man from a poor pauper.Then,the lady asked,”Were you so unhappy to the extent of ending your life when you were poor in your younger days” The man hesitated and replied,”No…”This made him realised that under the same circumstances in the past he was not as depressed as he was now to commit suicide and he thought to himself,”Why should I commit suicide?” In the end,the two end up laughing about their foolishness in the first place. Eventually, Mr Hardwork rebuilt his business empire to a greater height and proposed to the lady he met on the beach.The two were married and lived happliy ever after… From what I learnt,this story illustrates the importance of applying Prajna Wisdom in our everyday life.This is because the same event can be viewed in another perspective and all our negative perceptions can de altered into a positve one.Thus,if one wishes to happy life despite of ever-changing conditions,it is important to develop prajna wisdom. May all beings be well and happy and may they strive toawrds enlightenment. Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!!!

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