The Little Bird and Me

This morning it was me and the little bird. I was on my usual morning walk and as i was starting to round Grove park, i saw this little bird on its side. I looked closer, and it was still alive, it’s little chest rising and falling, it’s eyes moving. I started to recite for it. First the Great Compassion Mantra, then Guan Yin’s name. I was there for it. It was me and the bird for it’s last moments in it’s life. The human and the bird, together. It did somehow seem that the bird…calmed down, or at least that’s the subtle vibe i got. It started to move more, and then it took it’s last breath.I continued reciting, and then got a plastic bag from a neighbor, picked the bird up, dug a hole, and buried it. Threw the bag away.It made me wonder about the situation. I had arrived at just the right time. I didn’t have to stay there so long, or have to leave the bird still there, alive and suffering. I recited for a while and then it died. Did i arrive just at that time where the bird had enough, was going to die? Had my recitation or intention or presence helped it along? Who knows. It’s a mystery. But it worked out.

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