Touch by the love by my Parents and remorse for not having done enough

The loss of both my parents shook me into realising how inadequate attention and enough appreciation were extended to them despite their gift of life to me. A gift that is so unconditional that it touches my heart deeply despite moments of discontent felt during my adolescence age which at that time was considered unjustly meted to me. The guilt felt became so strong that I began radiating daily metta and merits to them. In addition I have also sponsored printing of dharma books dedicated in memory of them. Wishing that they rejoice in the merits of dharma-dana and may they take existence in a happier and more blissful state in their next rebirth. These unconditional acts have since brings intense and continuous blessings despite my contentment and not expecting any rewards. This learning had led me to share this experience for those whose parents who are still living not to have such remorse as I had. While you have the opportunity, you must give them all you can now and henceforth. This is most fulfilling and will make it easier on you to accept their passing away when it happened as death is certain for all living beings. Show your gratitude while you can is of exemplary merit you will always cherish.