Many years ago as a student I was in the middle of a graduation exam. We were in a group of four candidates each, and we had our exam appointment with the professor, who most of the time happened to be the head of the faculty or the dean himself. Getting grilled by the “prof” was certainly not very amusing, so we were all pretty stress out. One of my comrade was so nervous since it was her second try to pass the examination, so she was walking up and down the hall and couldn’t sit still for a minute, she even told me she had to take some pills to calm down the nerves. Normally I don’t like her too much b/c she is one of those people who would step over others to get what they want. But at that time I felt for her, so I told her “Hey don’t worry, it’s will be a piece of cake”. She said “how come”. And I explained, well the professor is well-known for always asking the same questions, and he has never failed someone who has to repeat the exam. “Really??” she was looking at me with those big eyes and I said yes. Of course it was not true but she really believed it and then all of a sudden her fear, her anxiety just vapored into thin air. At the end we all made it, and I was kind of happy that my “rumour” turned out to be closed to thruthful, and that I could give her some fearlessness in this stressful situation.

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