Peaceful passing away

About 2 years ago, a friend came to me saying that her grandfather was admitted to the Hospital in coma. The doctor could not detect what was wrong with him. He, the patient, did not respond to any of the medicine the doctor applied or fed him. As he was still breathing, so they had to keep him alive by providing the respiratory aids + liquid foods. That went on for more than a week, and as the medical cost was running more and more, her father was thinking of pulling off the plug, but the doctor did not allow him to do so as the patient was still “alive”. They did not know what to do. I asked my friend her grandfather belonged to what religion, did he do any prayer? She said he did not prayed to anything at home, only occasionally go to temples, lighted joss-sticks, donated some money and left, and he did not quarrel nor having trouble with any body. With that an idea suddenly came to my mind. I went to Amitabha Buddhist centre, got a battery operated player (F.O.C), which could chant “Namo O MI thor FO” none stop (unless battery flat). I passed that player to my friend asking her to play the chanting at the grandfather’s bedside, at the same time asking her grandfather to chant together with the player (in his mind of course, eventhough he was in coma, his mind was still functioning, I suppose). By doing so, there were 2 possibilities:1) If the patient destined to survive, he would be able to recover.2) If the patient destined to die, he would die peacefully and would go for a better rebirth. So my friend tried and the feedback was:”I played the player beside my grandfather’s bedside and asked him to chant (in his mind) together the Namo O MI Thor fo”. Just within an hour or so, he passed away peacefully.” Hope this experience will not only help my friend’s grandfather, also others who need this kind of help (to recover, or die peacefully). Karuna,K.T. Chong

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