Dharma Talk in Tzu Yun Tung, Kuala Lumpur

The Dharma talk came as a surprise. mum just came home from the temple last Sunday and said, Ven.Heng Sure would be having a dharma talk at Tzu Yun Tung next Sat night. I was very happy (an understatement) to hear that, the last time I saw him was nine years ago. Since it’s Saturday night, my usual evenings for dating purpose, I tried to get my bf to go too. He didn’t want to. I nagged, begged, and even told him, you might want to make the mistake of going,( then found that it’s not right for you), than to make the mistake of not going at all. Well, given that last straw of “threat”, he relented. After the Dharma talk, even his voice is “shining” and “brimming” with Dharma joy. It’s a gift for both of us. I’m really glad I’d successfully talked him into coming.