Mindfulness of my parents.

Every since I graduated from University, I travelled down to Kuala Lumpur from Ipoh, to look for a job, later settled down for good in KL until today, about 14 years already. When I was working I did not think about my mom ( of course my dad passed away 14 years ago) All my brothers have also left to work outstation, left with my mom and a younger sister. Soon after that married with kids, everyday just work and spend more time with friends and my family only, less time spent talking to mom, call her or visit her in Ipoh. Sometimes months never call or visit. That changes when I came to know in depth progrssively about Buddhism. I felt so lousy, and embarassed. Actually in reality, I have come to realised that my mom is the real world Amitabha Buddha, she taught us to be compassionate and kindness to people, she always make us feel at home, just like Amitabha Buddha keep on calling us to come home. But due to our ignorance and greed we are lost and forgotten our good roots. My mom is also the Medicine Buddha, when we are sick, she attended to us and make us recover. When we are in danger she come our rescue.What I have learnt in the society now is to earn more money, and enjoy while you can. After I have to come to know deeper about Buddhism, I realised that my mom is more important to me, without her there is no me, without her the affinity is not complete. i told my mom, if one day my life comes to an end and rebirth in Amitabha Country, she will be the first person I will come back for her, so that she will be reborn in Amitabha World too. This is only thing I could do after I have gone. As for now, I call my mom every week to greet her and ask how she is doing and if time permit will drive back home to be with her. All I know, after some Buddhist lesson, I know I have a long way to cultivate, but I will not give up because I vow to be rebirth in Amitabha Buddha Country.Thank You to the late Master Hsuan Hua and Ven. Heng Sure, for the guidance, and for the opportunity for me to learn in depth into the Buddha Dharma, in time to come if the cause and condition is there I will repay your kindness.

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