Glad to bring my parents along to the door of dharma

The greatest part of getting to know the dhamma, I learnt to be grattitude towards my parents. The difficult part is how to do the talk. For several years have been trying to share the joy of learning the dharma with my parents. Recently, my sister have bought the ticket to the 5th Global conference and she can’t make it. My first thought is to invite my parents to join. I know that will be difficult. The next thought is as usual they will be making excuses trying not to make it. However, I’ve make the effort to give them a call, encouraging them to come. Guess what, my mum is coming. Through out the conference, I can see her enjoying the talk and listening to the buddha dharma, and meeting new friends. She actually enjoy. I’m sure she will be sharing her joy with my dad later too. A good thoughts really need extra effort to take into action and it yields good result and the greatest joy is to be able to bring my parents along to the door of buddha dharma.p/s: My wife love the songs very much and it takes my courage to share my story to all here and now. With gratitude I say Sadhu!Sadhu!Sadhu! to those who composed the songs and create this opportunity for all to share. 🙂

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