Helping a Nun

Well, it was time for lunch offering and I was pretty hungry and tired from working on the farm. On the way to the Buddhahall a nun needed help carrying heavy boxes of books to the bookstore. Then Mr. Lao stopped a called for help at TM to unload a truck. I assured the nun I would be back. After unloading a bunch of food off the truck near TM, I went back to the bookstore to find the nun and help her. The cart was way to heavy for me so we got a visitor (Tourist) to help out. Two kindness stories in one! anyway, the cart didn’t collapse over, we got the books to the store and the nun was very happy. Oh, and I made it for lunch too! Phew!PS According to BEDMAS rules the sentience test would be 2.5, but I figured that wasn’t it. 😎

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